Case Studies

Hyde 132kV AIS Substation

In June 2013 Powell Engineering were awarded the first stage of a 132 kV project for Electricity North West (ENW). In conjunction with the replacement of 132 kV Grid Transformers, PEL were responsible for the installation of associated plant and equipment.

Our remit was;

  • Removal of redundant structures and apparatus
  •  Installation of new support structures and aluminium gantries
  •  Erection and installation of secondary equipment, HV conductors and connectors
  •  Installation of Protection Panels, cabling, relay and pilot modifications
  • 33kV switchgear terminations
  • 33kV circuit breaker CT change

This would entail;

  • Project and ENW authorised Site Management
  • Receiving safety documents (Permit to work and LOA)
  • Installation of all free issued materials
  • Procurement of all earthing and multicores
  • Removal and transfer of redundant equipment
  • Installation of secondary equipment, cabling and protection work

The refurbishment works was undertaken with limited space within a compact compound, adjacent live circuits and 132kV overhead lines. Independent contractors were also present working in parallel to our works. It was essential to build a close working relationship with these contractors to ensure a safe and efficient working environment.

Intricate planning and financial control meant that a smooth cash flow was maintained throughout. All aspects of management for the project including, procurement, HS&E and Quality control was run from our Doncaster Office.

Throughout the works and on completion of the project Powell Engineering received excellent feedback from the client acknowledging our excellent health & safety performance along with high standards and quality of the workmanship.

We have recently been awarded stage two of the project which is due to commence early 2014.