Case Studies

Carrington 400kV GIS/GIB

In May 2013 PEL were successful in being awarded the Contract by ABB for the installation of the new extension of gas insulated switchgear and bus bars at Carrington 400kV substation near Manchester.

The works included the installation of 7 additional 3 phase bays of gas insulated switchgear, associated gas insulated bus bars and the turn in of the 400kV Penwortham – Carrington – Daines circuit to the Carrington 400kV GIS substation. These works comprised the following as undertaken by PEL:

·         GIB and GIS Installation

·         400kV AIS Installation

·         Control and Protection – Control Panel Installation

·         Interlocking

·         Off Loading of All Equipment

·         Above Ground Earthing

·         Provision of cabling and cable management

·         Gassing and Degassing works

·         Commissioning Assistance

·         Site Supervision / Management and HO Project Management

PEL started on site in June 2013 and carried out the following in the completion of the works:

·         The provision of all installation plant and temporary equipment

·         Installation of control panels and multicore cabling

·         Installation of steel equipment support structures

·         Unpacking and installation of ABB factory manufactured gas insulated equipment

·         Cleaning and installation of this equipment in clean conditions to achieve a gas tight installation.

·         Gassing up and degassing and storing of SF6 gas.

·         Building and manoeuvring of test equipment.

The Outcome

The installation was completed in accordance with ABB’s programme despite challenging industry conditions. These works were undertaken safely and essentially accident free. Both ABB and National Grid confirmed their acknowledgement of the excellent standard of the PEL quality of workmanship and the attitude of the workforce and delivery team.

The Success Factors

Early detailed operational planning and preparations with the Project and Site Manager demonstrated exceptional value.
This was clearly seen in the continued success of a site team which displayed discipline and good morale led by a proficient Site Manager and experienced Supervisor.

Regular detailed attention to the installation programme, quality and finance in close partnership with ABB delivered joint success.

PEL demonstrated their ability to react quickly and efficiently to challenging project demands; from Head Office stores supply to site through to adapted resource deployment, mitigating risk and delivering exceptional value.

The established professional working relationship between ABB and PEL has been further strengthened in readiness for future exciting works in genuine partnership.

Phil Worrall – Project Manager

“Value, safety and trust are at the core of our operation and my intention is to deliver these to each and every project. Carrington was a resounding success through planning, the PEL CAPS system, genuine team work, respect and cooperation with all involved. In addition, the whole team enjoyed a positive work experience.”

Dave Long – Site Manager

“When we started this project, the ABB site team had concerns about what PEL could deliver as this was our 1st ABB GIS. I can honestly say these concerns were short lived and now the works are essentially complete, we have established ourselves as ABB’s 1st choice contractor. It is a great pleasure to hear from ABB’s management, National Grid’s SAP’s and CIE, how pleased they are with the standard of workmanship, health and safety awareness and the general attitude of all PEL staff that have been involved on this project. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the lads who have contributed to making this project a success as we wouldn’t be where we are without their good work. Thank you.”