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Isle of Grain 400kV AIS Substation

Isle of Grain 400kV AIS Substation

In February 2008 Powell Engineering were awarded a 400kV AIS project for SEESA. The project involved the full spectrum of HV sub-station construction activities. This was SEESAs first project at the Isle of Grain Power Station, which was an extension to the existing substation to allow the connection of two 400kV to 132kV transformers for 132kV supplies to the new LNG Substation. It also involved the connection of a 400kV GIS substation for the Britned, EON power station and series reactor connections.

Our remit was to;

  • Extension of main and reserve bus bars
  • Install 2 bays 400kV Air Insulated Equipment, which included.
    • Circuit breakers,
    • Pantograph disconnector's
    • Earth Switches
    • Disconnector's
    • Bus bars including Delta modifications.
    • Portable relay rooms,
  • Refurbishment of 7 bays on the existing substation which included
    • Removal of redundant Circuit breakers and primary equipment.
    • Installation of new Gas insulated Circuit Breakers.
    • Protection modifications

This would entail;

  • Project and Site Management of full two year project,
  • Procurement of all plant and temporary equipment,
  • Removal and transfer of redundant equipment.
  • Installation of steel support structures
  • Unpacking and installation of Primary equipment
  • Installation of secondary equipment and cabling

The refurbishment was a particularly well planned and executed part of the project as this involved close proximity working to adjacent live 400kV Circuits and short outage durations for each of the 7 circuits.

Intricate planning and financial control meant that a smooth cash flow was maintained. All aspects of management for the project including, procurement, HS&E and Quality control was run from our Doncaster Office.

Throughout the project and at the very end Powell Engineering received various accolades from senior management at SEESA for an outstanding safety performance and high standards of quality.

This project contributed significantly to SEESAs 1,000,000 manhours worked without a LTI.